Saturday, August 6, 2016

Journey On

We took a slow time getting ready, not really sure what to expect for the day.

By the time we were prepared to do anything, the clock had already struck noon. We made the decision to follow my father's path of excitement, which led us on a journey for miles to come.

After a few long days of traveling and driving, we didn't want to venture anywhere to far. But venture we did.

Once again, my eyes were glued to the pages of The Scorch Trials. Shortly after I began my reading for the day, I realized that I was going to finish it today. I kept telling myself that I should have known and brought another book, because my track record for finishing a book is three days. I even did that with the first of this series.

In the midst of reading, though, my eyes fluttered about. I was worried that I would finish the book too soon, so I occupied myself in other ways.

At first, I looked out to the scenery, which turned out to be a lot more green. I played with Lacey a bit, and, eventually, wrapped my headband around her. It was as if she was sporting a patriotic scarf; she looked better in it than I do.

Lacey  wore her patriotic scarf - aka my headband/wristband - with pride.
I had to stop myself from touching the book again; I just had to. Thankfully, we landed in Canyonville for lunch before I found the temptation to crack out the pages. Our stop was at Ken's Sidewalk Cafe.

We dove into a meal of burgers and sandwiches but found ourselves just as enamored with ice cream. While Kyle and my dad had shakes with their meals, my mom and I went for the classic cone once we finished. Those things were pretty big and most definitely good!

Ken's Sidewalk Cafe in Canyonville, Oregon, served
as a delicious stop for burgers and ice cream.
Although we were still unsure of what was ahead, my father had high hopes for a museum out in Pottsville. A few miles further down the road, we finally met it. And we discovered that we were the only ones there.

It was this outside museum that almost served as a park. While the rest of the family ventured out to its different locations, my mom and I wandered for a bit, only to play around Lacey.

At first, though, I tried to become intrigued. There was an uneven track that stretched around the museum and a variety of bleachers at where I only assumed would have been the start. Upon more observation, I found an announcer's booth up ahead. Clearly, there must've been races there.

I let that linger in my mind for a bit but quickly dismissed it, once again enamored by the cute, young pup looking into my eyes.

My mom pulled out her playball and we took her leash off. I threw it for her quite a few times until she eventually herself out, prancing at it every time it left my hand. For twenty minutes, it was as if we had wandered into a park.

Eventually, my mom and I made it back inside the car. I was a bit worn out myself, for I rested in the backseat with both doors open. The wind hit me, offering the perfect temperature to fall under the spell of sleep. I ended up resisting.

Once the rest of the family made it back, we traveled back to the trailer.

I allowed myself to return to the fantasy world of The Maze Runner series, entranced by every flip of the page. It wasn't long until I finished the book in its entirety, closing it and trying to recollect my thoughts. Ironically, I instantly wanted to jump into the next book!

By the time we made it back, it had already been past nine at night. We had a late dinner and fried chicken and potato salad, which significantly filled up my stomach.

After some writing, I decided I should end the day. My head lied on the pillow and I dried Friday away.

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