Saturday, August 6, 2016

Finding A New (Temporary) Home

Almost immediately, our morning began with intent.

It took some dedicated effort from each of us, but we managed to reach our objective of packing everything up, cleaning the trailer, and getting ready for the day ahead of us by ten in the morning.
We shuffled into our seats as comfortably as possible for the long ride ahead of us. Trailer towed behind, we had another objective in mind: making it to our next destination.

I was thoroughly excited for this one. While I enjoy several elements the forest has to offer, I would trade its larger than normal bug sizes, its shade from the sun under the trees, and its greenery for sand and water. Finally, we were headed to the beach.

The ride began with furious writing on my part; because of my exhaustion the other night, I fell asleep before I could write a single word about the day. I recollected all I could on yesterday’s adventures before I could fall short of the memories.

As I typed, a tiny presence founds its way to my lap. Lacey couldn’t resist cuddling against me, her body resting against me and her head resting on my hand. For a moment in time, I was disabled by her cuteness. Eventually, though, she rose from my lap and returned to her usual spot between me and Sam.

In the middle of typing, Lacey found a comfortable spot
on my lap to lie her head and rest while in the car.
Once I finished the blog, I attempted to open up The Scorch Trials for the first time. I’ve read the first in the series – the Maze Runner – twice, yet I hadn’t ventured into the rest of series until now, well, later. Because as soon as I opened the book, I closed it.

Only on rare occurrences do I put a book down. For some reason, I hadn’t found myself in the mood to read quite yet.

Maybe I needed some food.

Shortly after that, we found a Denny’s in Woodburn, Oregon, a familiar chain to our family since my dad loves it. I almost never have breakfast for dinner there, but, for some reason, that sounded perfect. The five of us settled on breakfast meals that filled our stomachs fast so we could prepare for the journey ahead.

As the drive continued, I slowly cracked into the novel. And, in an instant, I was glued. For me, this is a usual task. I have one of those addictive personalities that clings onto something and makes it part of my existence, if even for a little bit. It’s a good thing I’ve turned to books and movies as my addiction, at least.

I quickly became part of the story, engulfed in the ideas of James Dashner that quickly entertained my mind. Every chapter ended with a cliffhanger, a very similar style to Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series. That may be a part of the reason my eyes are glued to the pages, waiting to capture the next moment of suspense or thrill that The Scorch Trials has to offer.

My mind was focused on the story until our car pulled closer to a stop. There it was, the beach ahead of us. Waves of excitement ran through me, itching to jump out of the car and run toward the water. It was like it was calling me. However, I contained my excitement and waited as patiently as possible.
Soon, after a little bit of a challenge of finding our spot, we parked the trailer in its proper location.

Things slowly but surely were set up after our arrival. Sam and I accomplished the goal of putting up my mom’s solar lights in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, even after the tip of one managed to break off.

While we were there, we discovered that the public restrooms would have to be our source. I took a look at how to get there, but, shortly after, Sam and Kyle revealed a short cut to us. A small, somewhat open space between the bushes and layers of green invited down a short pathway that led to the restrooms, sitting right beside our site.

A small pathway of dirt and grass was discovered by our campsite,
which leads us down to the restroom and showers.
It wasn’t too long after our arrival that dinner was made to be ready: a simple yet delicious meal of spaghetti and salad sat before us, thanks to the contributing efforts of both mom and Sam. I enjoyed it with delight.

Before we knew it, our beds were made. It’s a wonder how sitting in a car for a long time can exhaust someone, but, somehow, it’s possible.

We slept the night away, sure of only one thing in our minds: there’s something new to come tomorrow.

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