Friday, June 3, 2016

A Real Christian in a Real World

Approximately three years ago, I hunted down a few websites to figure out where I should begin my first blog. After some research, I began my journalistic adventures on Google’s blogspot with an entry based on a true story in my life. However, because of school, homework, and life in general, I shut this blog down before it ever officially began.

Thankfully, though, my heart never gave up on this idea. Ever since my initial desire to establish a name for myself in the blogosphere, this same passion to write for the people of the internet has always remained.

That’s why, last summer, I created this new blog with the intent to make more content not only pleasing to the eye but as a source of experience and knowledge I’ve gained from my life.
Naturally, most of my experience and knowledge is attributed to God. 

Because of this reason, I decided my focus should be on what challenges and lessons God has used to teach me throughout my life.

However, while the idea was good in theory, it was fairly difficult. I was challenging myself too much to produce content that my readers could learn from.

Last week, I wanted to write a blog on the trials of faith. I poured out 434 words of what was on my heart when it came to this topic. While I read it over, though, it didn’t make much sense. I was trying too hard to turn it into a lesson, and it skewed the subject to an overbearing level of illegible nonsense.

If I learned one lesson from this failed endeavor, it would have to be summed up in this short, four-word sentence: I’m not a pastor.

God didn’t give me the gifting of a pastor and advice lender, as much as I may try to be. However, while I don’t have those strengths, I know that He has given me others.

Instead of trying too hard to be what God hasn’t called me to be, I should use those strengths that He has given me. In that case, I should sing, show compassion to my friends and family, and write. This setback will not drive me away from the fact that God has called me to speak to my readers. But I’m not going to do it by trying to be someone else.

I’m going to be me.

I’m going to document my life as it is, as a real Christian in a real world.

With this new goal in mind, I wish to deliver content every week about my life. From now on, you’ll get to witness the ups and downs and what goes on in my mind throughout the week. Sometimes, God will reveal something special to me. Other times, I might be in the midst of a trial and lose sight of what God’s doing in my life. Most likely, though, my blogs may fail to deliver intriguing or entertaining content week by week.

But that’s the life of a real college-aged, career-driven, and confused Christian.

Welcome to the summer of 2016 and welcome to the rest of life.

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  1. I hope you don't mind that I'm following your blog. Your writing sounds interesting... and hey, I can always learn!