Friday, July 31, 2015


The year of 2015, surprisingly, is more than half way over. As the July heat continues to blaze into August, I am beginning to reflect on the impact this year has already had on me. Many things have changed in my life; my living situation, my relationship status, and my mode of transportation are a few of those.

This year, opposed to any of my last twenty-one years, has impacted me the most. I have grown and have begun to understand not only what I value most, but why I stand by these decisions. 

This is where this blog's title comes into play: intrapersonal. 

Last semester, I had a bit of soul-searching I needed to do. I came into Vanguard University as a Communications major, but I needed to find my niche, whether it be interpersonal studies or journalism. Admist the decision I would base my career off of, I sought guidance through the career counselor at school. 

From there, I was advised to take a few personality quizzes that would help shape my focus. For the most part, they taught me what I already knew, yet there was one quiz in particular that helped me discover another side to myself through Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. (

In brief, Gardner classified seven different types of intelligences that broadened one's view of their IQ, the seven being visual, kinesetic, musical, interpersonal, linguistic, logical, and, finally, intrapersonal. 

To no surprise on my part, the musical and linguistic intelligences were at the top of my list. However, I didn't expect intrapersonal to be my dominant intelligence. This tells me that I, Amy Myres, am a self aware person. I am not only conscious of things that are most important to me but why they are.

I found myself in the ironic situation in my own self-discovery of already knowing myself. It sounds silly, but things began to become clear to me. I already knew who I was, but until now, I never thought there was a deeper, more hidden side to me I had yet to uncover. All my desires and goals, layered together, are only waiting to reveal themselves and slowly have been. 

The reasoning behind my slow process to self-discovery is due mainly to the fact that God has been working on me. Even last year, He turned my progression of becoming more vulnerable into a Communications major, just as I began looking into transferring to an university. These past seven months, as well, with all of the changes that have occurred, established to me that God is revealing things in His perfect timing. 

I may not still know everything about myself, but it was clarified by God that I already knew more about myself than I had previously imagined. Step by step, I am beginning to see and unravel different sides of myself, whether it is why I enjoy dancing freely or why I stand behind my decision on counting on God. 

The reason I wanted to start my blog with an entry about my self-discovery is because I want to be open with my readers. I want them to know that I am a human, and although nonbelievers tend to believe Christians view themselves as a hierarchy, I want to admit that I am still on the path of finding myself. I will make mistakes; I might even stray off the path. But what is most important is that I trust God. 

This blog will be about my life, as a college student at a Christian University that seeks a career in journalism, has a seemingly unhealthy obsession with the Anaheim Ducks, sings carelessly, writes passionately, and cares deeply for her family and friends. Most importantly, though, this blog will be about God's will for my life and a self-progession focused on loving Him deeper. I will never be perfect, but I know one thing is for sure; my God is.

(If you wish to discover what your dominant intelligence is, feel free to take the test at and share what your result is.)

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